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TeenTech Manchester: Encouraging Tomorrow’s Innovators

An inspiring initiative was brought to life by One Accenture: Kidovation + Early Recruitment + NorthWest Community, at TeenTech Manchester.

Working with the Greater Manchester Higher National Collaboration Outreach Programme, TeenTech Manchester witnessed 300+ Year 9 students from 30 schools across Greater Manchester and the North West interact with the corporate world and have the opportunity to work alongside leading regional and national employers across science, technology and engineering.

Accenture Interactive’s Kidovation team ran 6 workshops, each building on the last where students were challenged to design a product using Design Thinking and Coding skills. The students were tasked to explore issues around the environment and were encouraged to come up with ideas to solve their chosen problem. This culminated in building a prototype using recyclable & household throw-away items, as well as pitching their ideas. There were some fantastic solutions including a learning companion robot that also tackled mental health issues and special VR goggles that helped firefighters rescue koalas from bush fires.

The students also tried their hands at writing music using Sonic Pi – something that not only excited them but their teachers as well. They were also made aware of the Apprenticeship opportunities with Accenture – a perfect combination to earn while you learn!

Message from TeenTech CEO Maggie Philbin:

"Many thanks for bringing your enthusiasm and technology to TeenTech. It was a terrific event and I am sure you could see how much the students really enjoyed the experience and very much appreciated the effort you put into your activity. TeenTech is a collaborative initiative and you are the ones who make it so special."

Feedback from the event organiser:

"Many thanks for supporting our TeenTech Manchester event yesterday, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! It seems both young people and teachers alike thought the day was enjoyable and insightful."

- Siladitya Roy

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