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Kidovation: The Lockdown Edition

“It was awesome being a designer” (Henry, 10)

Yes Henry it’s pretty cool, and we’re glad that you enjoyed it. Maybe you’d like to think about being a designer when you grow up? In the meantime, you can be a designer every day, don’t let the pandemic lock down your imagination!

Like every other organisation on the planet right now Covid-19 brought it’s own set of challenges to the Kidovation crew. Events were postponed as school and offices were closed down and face to face events were just not possible. Determined to continue bringing our alien themed design thinking to the world we quickly posed ourselves a familiar problem: How might provide our events in a digital format? Turns out, with a bit of imagination, a zoom account and the enthusiasm of the crew, it was pretty easy!

60 families joined us last Wednesday for our first ever digital event to find solutions to the question:

How might we help our friends, our family and ourselves during this period of isolation?

The kids quickly adapted to the new format, requesting songs from DJ James, dancing round their living rooms and putting themselves on mute when requested, their online etiquette was way better than some calls I’ve been on.

As ever the solutions and prototypes were inspirational, persona’s covered the full range of friends, family and our frontline workers. Here are some of their ideas (grab a tissue)…

  • Bobble, the robot that walks dogs for people

  • Masks and gowns for the NHS made out of recycled materials

  • A sink for a unicorn to wash her hooves

  • A ball tracking device to track down balls lost to neighbours gardens

  • A glitter bicycle which delivers eco friendly glitter to neighbours to bring them joy

  • Woo woo a multi armed toy to hug you and keep you company

  • A capsule for keeping a vaccine safe

  • A Corona gun to shoot the virus

  • GP robot to test ‘Granny Hashtag One’s’ heart rate and give her medical tests

  • Hattye The Fluffy Dog balloon which tells her friends how she’s feeling and through little stars and an encouraging message

  • Gaming character ‘Lucas’ – so that people on their own can play together online and keep each other company from Tobey aged 10

  • Planes to distribute supplies

  • Animal shelters

And many more...

This event was an important moment for Kidovation as it has been for many other organisations. Suddenly we’re able to work with schools in regions we couldn’t previously travel to and people that can’t spare a full day are able to volunteer from their desks. The Sky’s the Limit!

We’re already planning the next event so if you’d like to take part please email kidovationcrew@accenture.com and we’ll send you the details.

PS: Never work with children or animals

- Julia Challicom

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