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Kidovation takes on Nationwide in Swindon

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Kidovation – Accenture Interactive’s hackathon experience, aimed at helping children discover the process of problem-solving by using design-thinking principles to help put their ideas into practice, preparing them for the digital workforce of the 21st Century.

On the 12th of December, sixty 10-year-old children were invited to the Kidovation Experience at Nationwide Building Society in Swindon. A powerful day of brainstorming, planning, creating, iterating and pitching on the topic of “Homes of the Future” - inspired by Nationwide’s social investment projects centred around their belief that “everyone should have a place fit to call home."

It was inspiring to see how the next generation of innovators delved deep into their imaginations through design thinking methodology to iterate their ideas in between activities, whilst exploring virtual reality and robots through play. The creative atmosphere helped them to develop ideas around affordable and sustainable housing to ensure that the needs of the vulnerable, elderly and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds could be met, all whilst considering environmental impact.

Children were given the opportunity to bring to life to their imagination by creating alien prototypes with a range of fully recyclable craft materials. We saw everything from drones auto-detecting homeless people and delivering them food, road hoovers to clean the streets to make it a more pleasant environment, to money machine dispensers, and much more.

Here are some of our favourite Nationwide Kidovator quotes overheard…

"Oh no time is up; can I stay longer to finish off my robot?”

“I’m going to solve the world’s problems through design thinking and robots”

“Your work is so fun! Do you get to play with robots and the headset every day?”

“We found a way to make the greatest number of cookies in the least time possible, in this way we can give free money to all the world”

And our facilitators arguably had just as much fun!

“I am always so impressed in how creative children are, they can come up with such innovative ideas!”

“My best day at work.”

“A day full of energetic kids, coming up with the most alternative and innovative ideas to solve the world’s current problems”

“We should definitely learn and take inspiration from the youngest, make a step back and be as creative as possible”

Thanks a lot to our wonderful Kidovation Global Team, fabulous facilitators who are always ready to help out and all the amazing children who participated – without you, these events would not be possible!

If you’d like to hear more about Kidovation, please get in touch with Julia Challicom, email the team at kidovationcrew@accenture.com or check out our social media pages.

- Chiara Sironi

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