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Kidovation powers 'Bring Your Child to Work Day'​ at Accenture

Kidovation HQ were so excited to be asked by Accenture's Family group 'Accent on Family' to run their annual 'Bring Your Child to Work Day' event in October. Our brief was simple: to provide a fun packed taste of mum and dad's work to as many children as we could get through the door. Challenge accepted!

Over 240 kids and 200 grown ups were accompanied by more than 30 volunteers across 4 sessions. It was our most ambitious event yet and boy was it fun! We themed our problem statement around the Sustainable Development Goals and the ideas the kids came up with gave me hope for the future. Don't worry, we're in safe hands; the kids will save us.

We were joined by over 240 kids

We were joined this time by our friends at The British Film Institute who taught us how to create stop motion animations, there were some crazy alien stories played out! Adding this part to our day meant we had a full end to end take on Accenture Interactive's offerings: taking a user centric design approach to product development, coding and then creating an ad campaign to promote it. There were extra consulting challenges for anyone who looked like they needed it!

As always, what makes it all worthwhile is hearing about the impact we've made long after everyone has gone home and the last piece of lego has been put away:

"Mum can I have your laptop to code" she's said around about 30x a day since the event.
"I tried coding before and didn't like but now I do" and so you know - they have been animating ever since
She wants to work at Accenture when she is a grown up!"If this is what you guys do everyday for work.... and get paid for it.... can I please skip school and start work!""
Can I carry on coding when I arrive at home? I still need to make changes to my alien.."

If you'd like to talk about bringing Kidovation to your workplace to inspire the next generation please get in touch!

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