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Kidovation @ Alder Hey Children's Hospital's Innovation Festival

Who are we? Kidovation is an Accenture Interactive initiative and consists of a one-day hackathon for children and their parents, aiming is to teach kids design thinking and digital skills through play, inspire their empathetic and digital mindset, and ultimately give every child equal opportunities to get ready for the digital workforce. During Kidovation, kids learn to develop personas, ideate around problem statements, design solutions using alien technologies, build a business case using Lean Canvas, learn coding and create prototypes to actualise their ideas.

Kidovation @ Alder Hey Children's Hospital's Innovation Festival - a truly inspiring event! Two weeks ago, the Kidovation team ticked a major milestone off the bucket list, our first collaboration with a children's hospital at Alder Hey Children's Hospital's Innovation Festival for patients and children in the local community.

After a lot of planning and preparation, 40 children and their parents, 8 Accenture facilitators and a car full of arts and crafts made their way to Liverpool for a day of design thinking, developing innovative solutions to improve the hospital experience for patients and staff of Alder Hey Children's Hospital. This was a truly inspiring event where the children developed personas to design for, ideated solutions to improve the hospital experience using alien technologies and built prototypes of their solutions.

We had some extremely touching conversations and thought-provoking solutions, including an emotionally intelligent robot to act as a companion to the children throughout their stay in the hospital and a holographic robot doctor that could provide simple diagnostics, advice and care while waiting for the real doctor. This was a fantastic achievement for the Kidovation team and was an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved.

As well as this, in the last month, the Kidovation team have run their first event for a school in collaboration with Sky's Bolder Academy, and represented Accenture Interactive discussing the future of education at Cannes Lions Festival. We wouldn't be able to do this without our fantastic Kidovation Global Team and in particular, we'd like to say a big thank you to the amazing team that made this event at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital happen:

  • Julia Challicom, the founder and CEO of Kidovation

  • Hannah Stephens, the event Project Lead and COO of Kidovation

  • Christine Yu, our Chief Product Officer and designer

  • Sumai Bertrand, the Head of Programme of Events

  • Our fabulous facilitators for helping us make this event a reality, Anastasia Palchikova, Charles Holroyd, Lavinia Alexoiu, Jess Bowring and Andrew Finlayson

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