Join the network of UK schools delivering the Kidovation Challenge between 5th – 9th July! You can deliver the lesson at any time during this week.

The Kidovation Challenge is a free, easily adaptable 1-1.5 hour lesson plan for KS2 and KS3 U.K. students to build Design Thinking, innovation and problem-solving skills through fun, guided activities.

Using proven business frameworks, the Kidovation lesson provides students with the opportunity to think about topics in innovative ways and learn skills relevant to future digital careers.


The Kidovation Challenge is themed around health, but the lesson can easily be adapted to all subjects by simply choosing a relevant problem statement. Watch our video below!


Design Thinking is a methodical approach to innovation and problem-solving that is adopted across almost all industries.

The Kidovation Challenge lesson plan will teach students four commonly used Design Thinking techniques: developing a persona, ideation, prototyping and pitching. Students will be able to apply these methods to solving problems in their daily lives and get exposure to the types of jobs that regularly use Design Thinking.


We will provide the teaching resources such as:

  • Printed workbooks, detailed instructions and lesson slides for each activity and fun goodies including certificates and stickers

  • ​The chance to attend an optional webinar Q&A to discuss the objectives, lesson plan and any questions you may have before you deliver the lesson to your students during the Kidovation Challenge week.

Kidovation Challenge Sheets.png


If you have participated in the Kidovation Challenge with your school, enter this competition for the chance to win an exciting goodie bag. We'd love to see your amazing work!