Use these worksheets during the virtual lockdown editions

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Worksheets that you can use to run Kidovation exercises at home and unpack a problem using our Design Thinking & Innovation methods!


Activity 1

A persona is a fictional figure – like a character in a novel - that represents a group of people who would use the product you invent. Use this template to tell us all about your persona during Activity 1 of the Hackathon - Lockdown Edition.


Activity 2

What are some of the problems your persona is facing? List these problems out on post-its or scrap paper - this is called a brainstorm. Lay them out on this template during Activity 2 of the Hackathon - Lockdown Edition.


Activity 3

Once you have chosen the problem you are tackling, write all the possibilities for your solution again on post-its or scrap paper. Lay them out and choose your best idea, you may combine ideas during Activity 4 of the Hackathon - Lockdown Edition.